Here’s My Story

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Abby McAvery

My name is Abby McAvery, and I learned how to cook from my grandmother.

And my dad. And my mom. And my older brother. We’re a family of cooks, in case you didn’t know.

It started with my grandmother. My parents used to work a lot outside of the house, so when I was a little kid running around outside, my brother was learning from her in the kitchen.

The following year, she taught me, and the three of us cooked together.

We used the food processor to make our own granola bars.

We dried herbs from the garden and used them on salmon filets and chicken milanese (which we served to our parents, and they loved it). Together, we’ve tried our hands at everything in the kitchen.

Some dishes worked, some failed, but we always had a good time and made some super healthy meals.

That’s what I want for you, whether you’re cooking alone or teaching your children, or entertaining your friends.

I feel like too many people nowadays don’t cook, or don’t know how to cook properly.

Here, I’m going to share guides and tips with you, and show you the best kitchen gadgets and appliances to simplify your time in the kitchen.

Let me be your kitchen guide and show you how to make truly fantastic dishes, excellent cuisine, and have a lot of fun through the whole process.

I come from a family of cooks, but not everyone has that in their lives. Please, use Get Me Cooking as your navigational beacon in the kitchen, and share with me what you create.