Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper vs. Copper Chef

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When you go online to shop for cookware, you’re likely to be quickly overwhelmed by all the options! Each new choice brings you thoughts about the quality of the cookware, what features you might need, and more.

Among the countless brands of cookware, several standouts including Gotham Steel, Red Copper, and Copper Chef each have some pretty good products available. If you are a bit confused about buying cookware of these brands, then the following section will be helpful for you.

We will contrast Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper vs. Copper Chef in the sections below. Let’s begin!


Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper vs. Copper Chef: Features and Benefits

Let’s first  take a brief look at the features of the cookware provided by these three brands.

Gotham Steel

The Gotham Steel cookware is packed with some pretty awesome features that will make them a premier choice for many new and experienced chefs.


Gotham Steel cookware are made with award-winning Ti-Cerama technology. The surface of the cookware is so smooth that you don’t need much of any type of lubricant, like oil or butter, for cooking. This makes it both easy to clean and reduces the chances of burning.


The material used in the body of the cookware is a blend of titanium and ceramic that provides fantastic strength and durability. This blend even allows for metal utensils, a rare feature for indoor cookware.

Easy to Use

The best feature that makes Gotham Steel unique is its versatility. There are many cookware choices out there that can be used in an oven, but the Gotham Steel cookware is a bit different as it has a high-temperature limit. You can use the Gotham Steel cookware safely in oven temperatures up to 500°F. Other than this, the cookware made by Gotham Steel has handles that do not heat up (except for oven use) and make the handling of pots and pans easy.

Dishwasher Safe

Cleaning the cookware after use is a bit of a hassle for many of us. But don’t worry, the Gotham Steel cookware has got you covered. Gotham Steel cookware is made dishwasher friendly, which means that an occasional spin in the dishwasher is fine. However, handwashing is always the best option.

Free from Toxins 

Cooking safely is a priority for all of us. This means that you need to be careful when choosing the right materials for your cookware. Fortunately, the Gotham Steel cookware is not made from anything that releases PTHE, PFOA, or PFOS when cooking.

Induction Stove 

The one downside that Gotham Steel suffers from is that it is not ready for induction stove burners.

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Red Copper

The last brand on our quick list is Copper Chef. It has some similarities with the Red Copper cookware but there are several key differences as well.

Heat Resistance 

The very first difference lies in the heat resistance characteristic of the Copper chef. You can use the Copper Chef cookware safely up to 850°F, which is significantly higher than either Gotham Steel or Red Copper’s options. 

Unique Composition

Copper is a great conductor of heat, which makes the Copper chef cookware excellent for heat conduction. Copper can also readily react with acidic content in the food like juices. Hence, it is coated with ceramic, which is not reactive and makes Copper Chef cookware fit for cooking purposes. Finally, Copper Chef also makes use of a stainless steel induction plate in its pots which balances the applied heat.

By using a variety of materials, Copper Chef makes a versatile product that’s great for many applications.


The best thing about the Copper Chef cookware is that it can be used on all stovetops. You can use it on the gas, electric, glass, and even induction stovetops. This is possible because of its unique composition.

Gripped Handles 

The Copper Chef cookware has comfortable riveted handles that offer an awesome grip. You can easily move the pan when it’s on the stove. However, potholders are always recommended for oven use.

Easy Cleanup

The ceramic coating provides a fantastic nonstick surface. And although you can choose to clean the cookware set in a dishwasher, it’s recommended that you should do it by hand. However, to ensure durability for a long time, gentle handwashing is ideal.

Induction Plate 

As mentioned before, Copper Chef uses a stainless steel induction plate in its pots to maintain balanced heat. Since copper is such a good conductor, it can actually become too hot for stews and other dishes made in a pot. Stainless steel plates counter this ensuring that your dish is not burned.

Don’t Use with Metal Utensils

The Copper Chef cookware has an advanced Cerami-Tech nonstick coating. It is free from toxic compounds like PTFE & PFOA, but metal utensils can scratch the surface. To be safe, use rubber, plastic, or wooden utensils instead.

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Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper vs. Copper Chef: Which one is the best for you?

Each pan and pot set offers a variety of pros and cons. So, in the debate between Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper vs. Copper Chef, which is the best for you?

On one hand, Gotham Steel cookware is the only option fit for use with metal utensils. However, Copper Chef cookware has a high heat limit as compared to the other two. Meanwhile, Red Copper is by far the cheapest option without sacrificing too much in quality. 

Ultimately, this is where you decide which product is the best for you. In the end, it entirely depends on you and your preferences. If you want a product that can be used in an oven at a high temperature, any of these will do but the Copper Chef will be the ideal choice. If you only want a decent set for infrequent cooking, then Red Copper may be your best choice.


It’s safe to say that all three brands have unique features that make them appealing to different types of cooks and chefs. It all depends on your preferences and your ultimate cooking purposes. Each option will last for years with proper care. For extra information that might help you make your decision, refer here for materials that need to be considered while buying a cookware set.

I hope this Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper vs. Copper Chef comparison guide helps you in choosing the best cookware.

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